1. Supplier and customer relations
    The STORIMPEX Group consists of several companies with many facets, a huge potential and committed employees. A close relationship with customers and suppliers is crucial to the success of our company. That's why the employees of the Storimpex Group are always committed to fulfilling the wishes and requirements of their business partners.

  2. Leadership and personal responsibility
    Management of the companies through the involvement of the shareholders secures a high level of identification, creates clarity, allows for quick decisions and prevents the decision-makers from evading their responsibilities.

  3. Shared value creation
    The STORIMPEX Group pursues a long-term business development and therefore welcomes the regular dialogue with external interest groups, trade associations and other committees, which are committed to ideals and constructive cooperation. Acting under these premises generates added value - whether through job creation, the generation of taxes or business in general.

  4. Conformity
    The STORIMPEX Group is committed to a liberal basic order, a fair market economy and free competition. The STORIMPEX Group respects the laws and cultures of the countries in which we operate. At the same time, the STORIMPEX Group is committed to transparency, reliability and openness in communication.

  5. Environmental Sustainability
    With all the business activities of the STORIMPEX Group, the goal is to promote the circular economy in order to conserve natural resources and to ensure the protection of humans and the environment in the production and management of waste. Through innovative solutions, the STORIMPEX Group contributes in various areas to the protection of the environment.