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  • STORIMPEX Projekt GmbH

Since its foundation, dealing with industrial waste and side-products in accordance with the application of the “closed-circuit economy thought” is a determining motif of the company`s operating businesses.

STORIMPEX Project GmbH develops solutions in complex disposal, supply and processing questions. A demanding application of such concepts requires a precise and early analysis of the judicial and economic conditions. A major challenge therefor frequently poses the apparent conflicts of interest between economy and ecology.

Our pretense of the STORIMEX Project GmbH is to apply and accompany such solutions in close cooperation with partners, officials and other decision-makers on a long-term basis. A globally connected network is therefore always at the disposal of our highly-trained and experienced employees.

Services of the STORIMPEX Project GmbH include the identification of new application fields, the accompaniment and clarification of permit processes, as well as constant quality management to overtaking and applying industrial operating assignments.

Long-lasting cooperation and reliable partnerships could be built on these pretenses in the past.

A notable milestone is the collaboration with a DAX-noted enterprise at the branch in Leuna. In the interest of a highly-investitive research and development project to produce biologically-based synthetic material, the synergies between medium-sized and group-bound structures could be utilized optimally.

Due to this philosophy we are optimistic to further develop, establish and increase balanced value potentials in the future.

In an ever-changing environment, let us focus on noticing what matters without losing sight of the big-picture – we look forward to it!