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The STORIMPEX Nawaro GmbH is specialized in the provision of renewable-energy-systems with vegetable oils and fats.

Customers of the STORIMPEX Nawaro GmbH include predominantly operators of block-type power plants, which generate electricity from renewable resources, therefore playing an essential role in environmental protection. The STORIMPEX Nawaro GmbH guarantees reliable delivery, consults in questions regarding energy-taxes, keeps its customers informed daily about cost and market developments and through a constant dialogue between suppliers and customers, matches individual input materials and required quantity.

Since its foundation, the STORIMPEX Nawaro GmbH has purchased, registered according to custom laws, delivered and billed more than ½ million tons of plant-based energy sources.

As one of the leading enterprises in this field, the STORIMPEX Nawaro GmbH has established itself from the beginning as one of the leading trading houses in Europe.

The verITALO S.R.L accompanies business segments of the STORIMPEX NAWARO GmbH.

Especially the supply of energy production plants with vegetable oils plays an essential part in this process. The verITALO S.R.L acts as a communication partner of the STORIMPEX NAWARO GmbH, which has established itself and has been renowned among both producers and suppliers of block-type power plants for many years.

The verITALO S.R.L. offers operators of energy production plants in Italy long-lasting delivery contracts for traceable vegetable oils with certified EU-seed origin. The verITALO S.R.L develops optimal logistics concepts for this and through a complete documentation guarantees the application of European guidelines for implementation of renewable energy sources for electricity and energy production.

Apart from the sole intermediation and communication services, the verITALO S.R.L also offers products from controlled forestry. This includes among other products wood fuel from fruit plantation cultivation, wood chips and DIN A1 ENplus wood pellets.

The verITALO S.R.L is interested in cooperating with partners in Italy and to invest in projects long-term.